srImathE satagOpAya nama:
srImathE rAmAnujAya nama:
srImadh varavaramunayE nama:

srImath kAnchImunim vandhE kamalApathi nandhanam
varadhAngri sadhA sanga rasAyana parAyaNam

ஸ்ரீமத் காஞ்சீமுநிம் வந்தே கமலாபதி நந்தநம்
வரதாங்க்ரி ஸதா ஸங்க ரஸாயந பராயணம்

dhEvarAja dhayApAthram srI kAnchi pUrNam uththamam
rAmAnuja munEr mAnyam vandhEham sajjanAsrayam

தேவராஜ தயாபாத்ரம் ஸ்ரீ காஞ்சி பூர்ணம் உத்தமம்
ராமாநுஜ முநேர் மாந்யம் வந்தேஹம் ஸஜ்ஜநாச்ரயம்

entrance (1)

main entrance


pushpa valli thAyAr and dhEva perumAL (varadharAjan)


thirukkachi nambi (kAnchI purNa)

sthalAdhipathi (owner): varadharAja perumaL, thirukkachi nambigaL

vimAnam: puNyakOti vimAnam

This dhivya kshEthram is known as thirukkachi nambi and dhEva perumAL dhEvasthAnam. Also known as pushpapuri, this is the avathAra sthalam of thirukkachi nambi (kAnchI purNa) who was greatly admired by emperumAnAr (srI rAmAnuja) himself. thirukkachi nambi was a dear sishya of ALavandhAr and was constantly serving dhEva perumAL (varadharAjan emperumAn) in kAnchIpuram. He was performing thiruvAlavattam (fanning) kainkaryam to dhEva perumAL. dhEva perumAL is known to have regularly conversed with nambi.

thyaga-mandapamthyAga maNdapam (kAnchIpuram) – srI rAmAnuja, thirukkachi nambi, dhEva perumAL

thirukkachi nambi was guiding srI rAmAnuja in his early days while srI rAmAnuja was in kAnchIpuram. When srI rAmAnuja had some doubts in his mind, he approached thirukkachi nambi and requested him to clarify those doubts from dhEva perumAL. When nambi mentions that srI rAmAnuja has some doubts, dhEva perumAL says srI rAmAnuja already knows every thing but yet learns these through emperumAn/AchArya to establish the proper method of learning. He further explains 6 principles to nambi and asks nambi to convey the same to srI rAmanuja. The six principles are:

  • I am the supreme
  • jIvAthmAs are distinct from me
  • For such jIvAthmAs, the only means to achieve me is through total surrender
  • For such surrendered jIvAthmAs, salvation from the cycle of birth and death is at the end of the current life itself
  • For such surrendered jIvAthmAs, while leaving their body, they need not remember me, rather I will remember them and uplift them
  • srI rAmAnuja should approach periya nambi and accept him as AchArya

nambi conveys this to srI rAmAnuja and srI rAmAnuja is greatly delighted to hear the clear instructions from emperumAn. Thus, thirukkachi nambi has played a vital role in nurturing srI rAmAnuja in our sath sampradhAyam.

emperumAn appears as varadharAjan (of kAnchIpuram), ranganAthan (of srIrangam) and srInivAsan (of thiruvEnkatam) to give dharshan for thirukkachi nambi in this sthalam. Many uthsavams are celebrated in a grand manner here.


perumAL: varadharAjar (dhEva perumAL)

mUlavar posture: standing

thAyAr: pushpavalli thAyAr

sthalAdhipathi/AchAryan: thirukkachi nambi (kAnchI purNa)


Agamam: srI vaikAnasam

AzhwAr  emperumAnAr jIyar thiruvadigaLE charaNam


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